Anatomy Of An Instagram Feed: Duvet Daze

A lot goes into planning an Instagram feed, and when one of my friends suggested that I break down one of my past themes in a blog post – I thought “Why not?!”

At the start of 2021, I started a theme that I like to call “Duvet Daze” which is entirely made up of stay-at-home, cosy content. It looks relatively simple, but let’s break it down…


After a change in niche and some pretty unsuccessful posts at the end of 2020, I realised that I needed to study my insights in order to understand what my audience responded best to. I found that this post had performed really well, and the clean white aesthetic reminded me of the incredible layouts that Katie Kirk Loves creates. Considering the winter weather and the fact that we were in a Coronavirus lockdown, I decided to try my hand at creating a theme with that sort of vibe. Thus, the Duvet Daze feed came into being.


Finding props for my photos has always been something that I’ve struggled with, but I like to think that I’ve improved a little bit over the past few months. The majority of my posts have featured my laptop with a movie or TV show playing as the main focus of the shot, surrounded by things such as books, perfumes, and chocolates. I also love adding a quote from the movie or show to my letter board to give the photo a bit more of a theme.


My aim for this theme was for it to be predominantly white, light, and airy. I succeeded in creating this by using a white or grey background for the shots, and keeping the props mainly pastel colours. I shot all the photos in RAW so that they could be edited with my custom Lightroom preset, and enhanced the white background on most of them.

As much as I loved creating the Duvet Daze theme, I’m very excited to move on to my Spring and Summer content… I’ve got some big plans so make sure that you’re following me!

Hopefully you have enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at how I plan and see my Instagram themes, please do let me know if you’ve liked it and if you would like to see more in future.


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