New Artists You Should Be Listening To

If you compliment my music taste, we’re automatically best friends and you have no choice in the matter. I’m extremely passionate about discovering incredible new artists, and when I find someone whose music resonates with me so strongly I can’t help but tell everyone I know. So here’s a list of four incredible singer-songwriters who have an enormous amount of talent and need way more recognition than they’re already receiving!!

Taylor Acorn

I had seen Taylor mentioned a few times by some of my other favourite country singers, but I didn’t get around to listening to her music until she popped up on my TikTok feed with the most magical cover of Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. After watching the rest of her pop punk covers, I went to check out her original music which was just as good. Taylor has the voice of an angel, and a lot of fans are keeping their fingers crossed for an album of pop punk covers!


I have endless respect for anyone who catches their significant other cheating on them on camera, and proceeds to use the audio of it in a song. Not only is Wrenn an absolute badass for that, but all of her songs are solid bops. We need a full album ASAP.

Kalie Shorr

This girl is my favourite disaster area, and I say that with love. She re-released her debut album earlier this year with four extra tracks, and it still hits as hard as when I first heard it. Kalie is an incredible songwriter, performer, and definitely the funniest person that I follow on Twitter.

Maisie Peters

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding the founder of Emo Girl Pop. Even though Maisie released her first single in 2017, we’re still waiting on her debut album so I feel like I can still include her in a list of new artists. According to her Twitter, MP1 has a release date for 2021… but when she ends every tweet in “hehe” who really knows?

Let me know in the comments who your favourite small artists are, and if you’re going to check out the wonderful ladies on this list!

Amie x

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