My Home Office Tour

During the first lockdown, a lot of us picked up new hobbies and undertook some pretty large projects. Considering that we had had two holidays cancelled and weren’t going to be leaving the house for the foreseeable future, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to redecorate a room!

Our house has been through a good number of renovations – when my parents moved in over 20 years ago it was a tiny bungalow! The room in question has been a master bedroom, a playroom, a glorified junk drawer, and has now been transformed into my dream home office slash studio. It took a lot of time and effort to clear all the crap out before we could even consider painting over the horrifically gaudy hot pink and turquoise walls, but it was so worth it.


I chose the Sierra Desk from Wayfair because I loved the geometric, modular design. I was also a big fan of all the quirky storage opportunities within the leg designs. At the moment the wall above my desk is plain, and although I think it would look great with some decoration, I’m not entirely sure what I want there yet.


I needed a reasonable amount of storage under the TV to fit the amp and DVD player, but I didn’t want something that would be too cumbersome. To stick with the white modular theme, I went for a simple Ikea LACK TV bench and it works perfectly.

Above the TV, I really wanted a gallery wall of sorts. I chose five black and white prints from Desenio in three different sizes – it felt relatively pricey for a few photos, but I’m so glad that I decided to go ahead with the idea because it’s my favourite part of the entire room.

When choosing a comfy chair for the room, it was important for me to find one without arms so that I could sit there to play guitar. This Hashtag Home Mahika Blossom Cocktail Chair was exactly what I was looking for, and it’s absolutely perfect for the space.

Seating area

The coffee table that I chose for the room was this one from Wayfair. It was surprisingly easy to assemble, and looks great too. I felt that this went really well with the style of the desk with it being white and modular, plus there is a ton of storage on the shelves underneath it.

To complete the seating area, I decided on a Pink Velvet 2 Seater Sofa from Habitat which is no longer available. It was the perfect size to fit in the space behind the door, even with the limited headspace, and I love that it doesn’t perfectly match the blush pink colour of the cocktail chair.

I’d love to hear what you think of the room and which section is your favourite part, and let me know if you have any ideas for what to put on the wall above my desk too!

Amie x

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