One Tree Hill Inspired Playlist

A lot has happened in the past year, especially considering I haven’t really left the house. Well… maybe these things haven’t happened to me directly, but One Tree Hill has become such an integral part of my life that I feel as though I’ve experienced all nine seasons first hand. We’ve all dealt with lockdown and the pandemic in different ways, and for me I think that immersing myself in fictional worlds is a very effective coping mechanism.

In case you miraculously haven’t heard of One Tree Hill, let me enlighten you. It’s a show that ran from 2003 to 2012 that revolved around a group of friends living in Tree Hill, with a stellar cast and an awful lot of drama (both on screen and off screen). You can currently see the entire series on All4 in the UK, and the best part is that it’s completely free.

Now, if you know me then you will know that when I become obsessed with a TV show or book I tend to absorb the personality of my favourite characters. Is that normal? Maybe, maybe not, but in this case I like to think that I’ve acquired the fabulous music taste of Peyton Sawyer. Basically these days my playlist is 80% emo bands, and I’m not mad about it.

So if you’re looking for a playlist with some pop punk bangers mixed with hard hitting emo songs, my p. sawyer Spotify playlist is perfect for you!

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Amie x

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