Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts On A Budget

This year in the UK, Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) takes place on Sunday 14th March. That’s just four days from now. If you’re running behind on your planning, don’t worry because I’ve come up with four brilliant present ideas that you can create at the last minute and on a budget.

To those of you not in the UK, don’t forget that your Mother’s Day is on 9th May this year! If you want to get super prepared, stick around and get a head start on a thoughtful low budget present…

Baked goods

Just grab an apron, some ingredients, a recipe, and you’re all set to sweeten your mums day with some homemade treats. If you’re not an avid baker like me, let me say that I firmly believe that anyone can bake as long as they pay careful attention to the recipe. Make sure you set the oven to the right temperature and weigh the ingredients. Click here for a foolproof – and delicious – brownie recipe.

Tearjerking video

For Mother’s Day a few years ago, I made a slideshow of pictures set to The Best Day by Taylor Swift. I used pictures of me and my mum from when I was born, up until that year. She absolutely loved it and it made her extremely emotional. She still says that it’s one of her favourite presents.

Handmade art

If you’re like me and have the artistic capabilities of a potato, then this might not be the best idea for you. However if you’ve been blessed with the gift of being able to control a pencil or paintbrush, why not create some special art for your mum? It could be a portrait of you and her, a drawing of your dog, or maybe her favourite place. This is a wonderfully personal gift that she is sure to treasure forever.

Chores coupons

Make Mother’s Day last a bit longer by making (or printing) some chores coupons. Redeemable at any time, these could include you doing the dishes or washing the floors. Not fun on your part, but it gives your mum some time off and it’s totally free.

I hope that this has given you a few ideas of what you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. If none of these ideas have resonated with you, remember never to underestimate the power of some heartfelt words. You don’t need to spend all your money to show your mum that you care.

Amie x

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