Ranking Every Taylor Swift Album

The first concert I ever went to was Taylor Swift. The first album I ever bought was Taylor Swift. I have run various social media accounts dedicated to Taylor Swift since 2015, so you could probably say that I’m a fan.

A few months ago, I posted a video on YouTube of my mum ranking Taylor’s albums and a few people said that they’d like to hear mine too. I get kind of overexcited when I’m talking about Taylor, so I decided that it would probably be better for me to organise my thoughts in a blog post (so that I don’t go off on about twenty tangents and end up making an hour long video).

I’ve tried to be as honest as possible, but my ranking can change depending what day it is or what mood I’m in! Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up to my favourite album…

9. 1989

I’m very aware that 1989 is ranked near the top of the list for a lot of people, but as much as I do love it – I just don’t relate to the album or have the same emotional connection to it as I do others. There’s no denying that this album has some incredible songs on it, and maybe some of her most successful in terms of singles, but it lacks the lyrical depth that a lot of her other work has. The 1989 era was extremely special to me, as it was the first era that I fully experienced in the fandom, as well as being the first concert that I ever went to.

8. Speak Now

Don’t crucify me, but I’m going to have to put Speak Now just above the bottom of the list. Blasphemy, I know, but for some reason I’ve never really connected with this album the way that other people seem to. However this album has some of my favourite songs like Sparks Fly, Dear John, Haunted, Last Kiss, and Long Live.

7. Reputation

The Reputation era was probably my favourite era, because the fandom was a great place to be and the concerts were unbelievable. This really is a flawless pop record, and it doesn’t have a single song that I dislike, but although it’s definitely filled with emotion it doesn’t necessarily have the same emotional range as an album like Red or Fearless. The Reputation era was definitely the highlight of my time in the fandom though.

6. Lover

We’ve made it to the first album that Taylor actually owns, yay! I feel bad for ranking Lover so far down, because when you look at the track list there really isn’t a bad song (other than maybe It’s Nice To Have A Friend, but I can’t say that). The thing is that Taylor has so many incredible albums, and for me the pop ones have to rank lower than others.

5. Red

This album is iconic in so many ways. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I Knew You Were Trouble. 22. All Too Well. I could go on. Although 1989 was Taylor’s first fully pop record, Red is definitely the album where she started to bend the genre lines. There is the perfect blend of radio hits and songs that will rip your heart out no matter how many times you hear them.

4. Evermore

Coming in at number four on my list, we have Evermore which is Taylor’s most recent release. This entire album is a lyrical masterpiece, and there are no songs that I skip when listening to it. It physically pains me not to put this in my top three, but this is so hard!

3. Taylor Swift

Maybe I’m ranking this a little higher than it deserves, but it means so much to me sentimentally. When you consider that the entire debut album was written between the ages of 13 and 16, it makes the quality and depth of the songs even more mind-blowing. I would give my spleen to have seen a live performance during this era!

2. Folklore

If Folklore doesn’t win Album Of The Year at the next Grammys, there is something seriously wrong with their panel of judges. The range of the album. The depth of this album. The concepts within the album. The lyricism shows on this album. I genuinely cannot find the words to accurately portray how incredible I think this album is.

And the winner is…


As the most awarded album in country music history, it’s only right that Fearless is at the top of my list. This was the first Taylor Swift album that I ever owned, and it means so much to me. Fearless truly has everything you need on an album, from the radio hits of Love Story and You Belong With Me, to the wisdom of Fifteen and the heart wrenching perfection of White Horse. With the fairytale imagery and the lyrics, this entire album is a dream. I am, and will always be, a Fearless era stan.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and watching me trying to defend putting albums at the bottom of the list. If I could, I really would give them all the top spot.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with this ranking, and if not then let me know which your favourite album is!

Amie x

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