Christmas Adverts 2020: Best To Worst

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what that means? It’s time for all the big companies to debut their festive adverts! I don’t know whether the same emphasis is put on Christmas adverts in other countries, but in the UK it is always a big deal. Pretty much the entire country is on the edge of its seat to find out when we get to see whatever masterpiece John Lewis has created… I’ve never stopped to think how bizarre that was before.

Strange or not, there is no denying that it’s a massive part of Christmas for a lot of us. I always have an internal debate about which the best advert is, and this year I decided that I wanted to share it on here. Here is my ranking of the 2020 UK Christmas television adverts, going from the worst to the very best…

M&S – This Is M&S Christmas Food

There’s no denying that M&S does the best Christmas food, but this advert was not it. I feel like this advert could have been used at any other time of year. It really lacks that Christmas je ne sais quoi.

Sainsburys – Gravy Song & Perfect Portions

This year Sainsburys have three different adverts, but they all follow the same idea. Conceptually I love the idea of showing Christmas past, but I feel like the execution just wasn’t right. I didn’t like the audio being a phone call, and I felt that it was a bit strange the way they mixed video footage with still photos. Liked the concept, but it wasn’t done as well as it could have been.

Asda – That’s An Asda Price Christmas

I’ve found the majority of the Asda adverts this year extremely cringeworthy, and this isn’t that much better. I’m giving it points for the festivity (and that sprout cake looked amazing), but I just don’t vibe with it.

Morrisons – Making Christmas Special

I would love the choice of soundtrack for an advert at any other time of year, but as much as I love Dua Lipa, nothing about the audio was festive. The advert itself was really rather average to be honest.

Coca-Cola – Christmas Commercial 2020

As much as I like the idea behind this, it just didn’t feel Christmassy enough for me. Maybe that makes me more materialistic, but I like Christmas adverts to scream Christmas. It was quite long-winded but the end was so lovely and made me smile.

Walkers – A Sausage CaRoll

The only reason I’ve put this advert this high up the list is because there’s no denying its originality. Everything else, however, was terrible. I would also like to talk to whoever decided that sausage roll flavoured crisps were a good idea.

Lego – And I Think To Myself

It’s creative and it grabs your attention, that’s for sure. I’m not a massive fan of the soundtrack though, as much as I understand the concept of using it I feel like something a little more upbeat would have fit the brand better.

Tesco – No Naughty List

It took me a little while before I fully appreciated the genius of this advert, but now I love it. I have to say that the full version is a lot better than the shortened ones that we are seeing on television at the moment though, and it could probably have been cut down a bit better than it was. It’s still the top scorer of the supermarket ads!

Very – Christmas Is This Very Moment

They really had me in the first couple of seconds – I thought it was about to be one of those awful cheesy ads, but it wasn’t. This had the perfect mix of festivity and reality, and I loved it.

John Lewis – Give A Little Love

I love the concept of this, but after Excitable Edgar last year unfortunately I feel that this falls a bit short of my expectations. I’m not a massive fan of the way the mediums change, even though it’s extremely well executed. Considering the year we’ve had, though, this is really apt and I definitely understand the thoughts behind it.

McDonalds – Inner Child

This was so adorable. I didn’t cry but I definitely thought about it.

TK Maxx – The Lil’ Goat

It’s a goat. A Christmas goat. Have you ever heard of such a genius idea?

Amazon – The Show Must Go On

Every time I see this, I just go “oh wow“. I love it when Christmas ads have a storyline, and this is so topical for the year we have all had. Well done, Amazon.

Argos – An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

First of all, the nostalgia I got from seeing the kids with an Argos catalogue is ridiculous. Secondly, everything about this advert was brilliant. It was festive, it was centred around the children, and above everything else it was magical. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a Christmas advert.

Aldi – Kevin The Carrot

I’ll be honest, in previous years I just haven’t got Kevin. This year though, consider me a carrot convert. This was adorable in so many ways, and we got to see a carrot in a blanket. A carrot. In a blanket.

Disney – From Our Family To Yours

I am sobbing. No word of a lie. Anything with a stuffed toy is guaranteed to have me invested in the storyline, and this was no different. I can’t think of anything else to say other than how emotional this has made me.

From the ones that just didn’t get my attention to the ones that captured my heart entirely, that was my round up of 2020’s Christmas adverts! Let me know which your favourites were down in the comments.



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