Best Christmas Homeware For 2020

This Christmas is going to be different for all of us, and it’s definitely going to be bizarre not going out as much. The majority of my Christmas traditions rely on going out into the world. Obviously won’t be happening this year, but that doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice the excitement and festivity of the season.

If you’re trying to think of ways to bring the Christmas spirit into your house this year, then there are some great pieces of Christmas homeware available. I’ve put some of my favourites together in this post, and *spoiler alert* they’re absolutely adorable!!

Stackable Cups and Teapot from Next

I’m having a hard time restraining myself from buying these… just look at how freaking cute they are!! For £18 you get two mugs and a little teapot, which double up as super cool decorations to bring the festivity into your kitchen. I love love love them.

Christmas Pudding Milk Jug from Asda

Generally I’m not a fan of milk jugs, because I don’t see the point of pouring milk from the carton into a jug when you’re immediately going to put it into your drink. However I’m making an exception for this one because it’s a Christmas pudding, and I’d probably buy anything if it was designed to look like a Christmas pudding.

Sloth Hugs Mug from New Look

This is more understated in terms of festivity, so you could use it all year round. Although I’m not sure I should be using the word “understated” when referencing a mug that literally has a 3D sloth hugging it. But it’s freaking adorable and versatile, so a win-win situation.

Light Up Santa And Reindeer Rubber Duck set from Matalan

Do I need this? Absolutely not. Do I want this? Absolutely yes. This has no practical value, but I bet you can’t resist light up ducks dressed as Santa and his reindeer.

Santa Soap Dispenser from Dunelm

This feels topical considering the whole COVID situation… Keep your hands clean with this super cute Santa soap dispenser. That way you stay alive and stay festive.

Christmas Pudding Teapot from Next

I really, really, really want this. This is basically a British Christmas turned ceramic: tea and Christmas pudding. If I ever made tea in a teapot, then this would have gone straight into my basket, but unfortunately I’m one of those lazy people who just brews it in the mug. Shoutout to anyone who actually takes the time to use a teapot… and I think you should buy this.

Santa’s Sleigh Gravy Boat from Next

This is not an indirect reference to people who continually serve gravy in a Pyrex jug despite having a perfectly good gravy boat (oh, hi there mum) but this Santa’s sleigh is a gravy boat that you’re going to want to use. I am absolutely obsessed with this.

Festive Toilet Roll Covers from Next

If you’re lucky enough to still have toilet paper after the Great Loo Roll Shortage Of 2020, then Next has these great covers for your spare roll. I’m not entirely sure what the actual point of a toilet roll cover is, but if it’s festive then I’m down.

These are just a few of my favourite pieces of Christmas homeware available this year, let me know which your favourites are and if you think I should buy any of them!



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