10 Weird Christmas Ornaments For Your Tree

Every year I love to look at all the new Christmas ornaments, but there are always a few that leave you saying “hold on, what the heck?!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for originality and showing your personality in your Christmas tree, but there are some baubles that truly make me question humanity. I’ve put together this list of the ones that have made me laugh (or “wtf”) out loud this year…

Freshly Milked Almond Milk from Typo

If you have this on your tree, you’re either lactose intolerant or vegan. Both of which are totally valid, but I honestly I don’t want to know. I just have no idea how this correlates to the festive season at all.

Mooning Santa from Typo

If you’ve always wanted to hang Santa’s bare butt on your tree then you’re in luck with this one… A mooning Santa. I really don’t know who thought of this, but for some reason I want to buy it.

A Cheese Platter from Typo

You’re going to see a pattern in this post: I hate food themed ornaments. Especially when the food has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas! I can handle a turkey, a Christmas pudding, and even a sprout, but a cheese board is just absolutely absurd and you cannot change my mind.

Vegan Sausage Roll from Paperchase

Let’s continue with the ridiculous food ornaments… A vegan sausage roll. This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. It’s not a Christmas food. It’s not even Christmas colours. This infuriates me for no good reason.

Turkey Sandwiches from Paperchase

On the positive side, at least this has some connection to Christmas being turkey themed and red, but it’s still ridiculous. I refuse to accept that anyone would willingly buy this and put it on their Christmas tree. If you did, please stay away from me because I’m scared of your judgement.

Chilli Sauce from Paperchase

Do I even have to explain this? Chilli sauce and Christmas? The two do not compute. Not to mention it’s plain weird.

Golden Digger from John Lewis

Unless you’re trying to send a thinly veiled message to a gold digger relation of yours, why would you choose to put this on your tree? It’s literally a piece of building machinery. My brain is hurting trying to understand the thought process behind the creation of this ornament.

A Lamp from John Lewis

It’s a lamp. A freaking lamp. I can’t talk about this.

Pink Goldfish from John Lewis

There were a lot of strange animal ornaments to choose from, but I’ve decided to say that this pink goldfish is the worst. Why? Because I honestly cannot think of something less Christmassy. It’s pink. It’s a fish. No.

A Golden Saw from Sass & Belle

Finally, we’ve got this bauble which makes me wonder whether it’s meant for Halloween or Christmas, or a serial killer… because why would you put a saw on your tree?

Let me know what you think of all these ornaments, and if you can find any ones that are even weirder!



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