Christmas Gift Guide: Music Lovers

So you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift for your friend who loves music? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! As someone who has been fully obsessed with Taylor Swift for eight years, I think I’m pretty well versed on music themed gifts. Let’s have a look at some options, shall we?

CDs & Vinyls

I know it seems outdated, but if I stan an artist then I need to own a physical copy of their album. It’s not necessarily practical considering I have no way of actually playing a CD, but I like to know that if the entire digital world fails then I can still find a way to access their music! If your friend has a record player, they would probably prefer a vinyl as it’s definitely the more aesthetic option. Here are a few country music recommendations…

Artists Merchandise

You really can’t go wrong with this if your friend is a fan of a certain artist. Most artists will have an official merch store, but you can also find great merch on sites such as Etsy and Redbubble which are usually a bit more cost effective.

Lyric Prints

There are so many beautiful lyric prints out there on Etsy. For example this gorgeous set of 2 Taylor Swift Folklore prints, or this Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman print. If the recipient has a favourite song, you can also get custom lyric art for it like this. I got one of these for a friend last year and she really loved it because it was so personal.


Speaking from personal experience, I really think people who listen to a lot of music need more than one pair of headphones. Find out what type of headphones they prefer though, whether it’s the ones that actually sit on your head or the ones that go inside your ears.

Streaming Service Subscription

This might be the best present ever, because it’s basically access to unlimited music. To find out which streaming service they prefer to use, you could try ask them which is the best for you to get for yourself. Or just go for Spotify or Apple Music because you really con’t go wrong with either of them.

I hope this has helped you to come up with a few ideas of what to get your music loving friends. Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides for Harry Potter Fans and Bookworms!



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