Christmas Gift Guide: Disney Fan

So you’ve got a friend that is a total Disney enthusiast, but you just don’t know what to get them for Christmas? That’s alright, because I’ve got your back with this gift guide! We’re going to find the perfect gift that your recipient will absolutely love.

Disney Print

Does your recipient have a favourite Disney film or character? Maybe one of the Disney World parks has a special place in their heart? You can find beautiful prints on Etsy for almost everything, and there are so many gorgeous Disney themed ones. Check out this Disney World Castle Watercolor Print by KelseyMDesigns, or maybe you’ll prefer a quote print like this Moana themed one by LittleEra. You can even get personalised prints, like this one by personalnyounique.

Disney Mug

You can get so many designs when it comes to Disney themed mugs, and there are tonnes on the official Disney Store. My personal favourites are the stackable Tinkerbell and Eeyore mugs, this incredibly magical Tangled themed mug, and the classic Chip mug!

Disney Jewellery

Couture Kingdom Jewellery make a lot of really lovely Disney themed accessories, and they’re great quality too. The official Disney Store also have a collection of their own jewellery and watches, currently including some birthstone themed sets! You can also find some more unique options on Etsy, like this Tangled Sun Lantern Pendent by AOSDESIGNS.

Disney Ears

If your recipient is a regular Disney Park go-er, then why not get them a pair of ears for their next trip! You can get a variety of official ears from the Disney Store, but you can also get some incredible and unique ones from sellers on Etsy. For example these gorgeous Peter Pan themed ones by FandWMagicalDesigns, or these crazy Maleficent inspired ones by KoquiDesigns, or even these personalised ones by MinniedreamsDesigns!

Disney Soft Toy

Depending on your recipients age and mindset, a Disney soft toy (or “plushie” if you’re American) could be an option. They’re soft, huggable, and full of love. Personally, I would always be overjoyed to get a Disney toy because they’re so freaking cute. Seriously, just look at this soft toy version of Piglet from Winnie The Pooh and try telling me he isn’t the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen!

I really hope this has given you some ideas of what to get your Disney obsessed friends – let me know if you decide to get anything based off my recommendations! Merry Christmas!



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