The Best Christmas Jumpers For 2020

It’s no secret that I have a pretty extensive Christmas wardrobe… 5 Christmas jumpers, 2 Christmas t-shirts, 2 pairs of Christmas leggings, 2 Christmas dresses, and a Christmas jumpsuit. What can I say? I’m a festive person.

In case you’re struggling to find exactly what you want in the festive wardrobe department, I’ve rounded up the best Christmas jumpers available this year just for you! Ranging from £12 to £36.99, and sequins to Star Wars, there’s plenty for you to choose from!

Disney Store Grumpy Christmas Jumper – £30

Let’s start with this one that is perfect for the Grinch in your life. I was so excited to find out that the UK Disney Store were doing Christmas jumpers this year, and they’re all so cute.

This Girl Loves Christmas – £28

This Lipsy crew neck jumper looks like it’s super fluffy, and it even has sparkles too. I personally think this is quite understated, but I’m pretty obnoxious when it comes to festive-wear. Just be sure to wear some type of Christmas hat with it!

Glitter Gingerbread House Jumper – £20

Again, I am a big fan of the sparkles. This jumper has snowflakes, a gingerbread house, Santa, a snowman, a candy cane, and a tree – what else could you possibly need on a Christmas sweater? I’m a big fan of this one.

Tree Rex – £18

Now we’re getting into the slightly more obnoxious jumpers, which is more my style. Especially when there’s a pun involved! This is perfect for a dinosaur fanatic, a pun lover, or just anyone Who wouldn’t love this?!

Fairisle Christmas Cardigan – £12

Primark sleigh the Christmas game every single year… just look at this festive cardigan! I’m fully in love with this and am super disappointed that I won’t be able to get one due to COVID. It’s just so festive!

Star Wars Master Yoda – £29.99

If you’re a Star Wars fan, how about this Yoda jumper? There are a few different Star Wars themed Christmas jumpers around this year, but this is definitely my personal favourite.

Central Perk – £36.99

The detailing in this pattern is just insane, and I feel like it’s the epitome of Christmas. I love the Friends Christmas episodes, so this is an awesome nod to those, as well as being incredibly festive. Just look at those lobsters!

Harry Potter Houses – £36.99

I’ve seen Harry Potter Christmas jumpers before, but never any house specific ones like this! Merchoid have a couple of different designs for each house, as well as some generic Hogwarts ones, so you’ve got plenty of choice. It’s maybe not as festive as I would usually go for considering the colour scheme, but I love the crossover of fandoms and Christmas.

Jesus The Birthday Boy – £36.99

Finally we have this hilarious Jesus “Birthday Boy” design which is simultaneously festive and hilarious. Religious themed Christmas jumpers always give me a good chuckle.

Let me know which of these are your favourites, and where your favourite place to buy Christmas jumpers is!



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