Your 2020 Advent Calendar Guide

Gone are the days of opening an advent calendar to find a tiny piece of chocolate… Did you know that these days you can spend £340 on a Dior advent calendar? I’m all for festivity, but even I think that’s going a bit far. I’ve put together a list of awesome advent calendars to help you choose what to treat yourself to – but don’t worry, they’ve all got slightly less outrageous price tags than that!

Sock Advent Calendars

You heard me, socks in an advent calendar. It’s kind of crazy, but when you think about it you realise it’s actually brilliant because it’s so practical. There’s one with a Friends theme, one that’s filled with Harry Potter socks, and even this awesome Disney one.

Beauty Advent Calendars

There is so much choice when it comes to beauty themed advent calendars, and a real variety in price depending on the brands. There is this gorgeous 24 day Soap & Glory one which is a great combination of quality and being on the lower end of the price scale. A lot of major make up brands have an advent calendar, like Charlotte Tilbury, Clarins, and Benefit.

Tea Advent Calendars

If you’re a fan of flavoured teas, then a tea advent calendar might help you find your new favourite brew! Starting at £20, we have the 24 Days Of Tea from John Lewis. Pushing the price up a bit to £36, there is the Bird And Blend calendar. If you want to go for all out luxury, then the Luxury Tea Advent Calendar from Whittard is the one for you – but be warned, it comes with a hefty price tag!

Coffee Advent Calendars

On the other hand, maybe you’re a coffee lover! Well don’t worry, because there are plenty of coffee themed advent calendars to keep your caffeine levels strong. This one from Pact Coffee looks brilliant, and I can vouch that their Fruit And Nut coffee beans are absolutely out of this world. There is also this one from Beanies and this gorgeous one from Tea Revv which I’m sure will be equally great.

Food Advent Calendars

Maybe you’re not a fan of chocolate, but love the idea of getting a tasty treat in your advent calendar. Lucky for you, there are plenty of advent calendars containing other sweet treats. For example this Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar from Joe & Seph’s, or this Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar from The Naked Marshmallow Co., or even this awesome Bonne Maman one!

Candle Advent Calendars

Have a look at this Yankee Candle Advent Calendar, which is just £24.99! Not only will it help you to feel festive, but it will make your house smell super festive too. You can also get more boutique ones from places such as Yvonne Ellen, or Wrendale Designs.

Miscellaneous Advent Calendars

Here’s a category for advent calendars that really don’t belong to a category, because they’re just plain weird. For example this Retro Radio Advent Calendar from Haynes where you get all the parts to build – you guessed it – a retro radio. Or what about one where you get a piece of cheese every day? The Chuckling Cheese Company have you covered with this one! Don’t forget about your furry friends, The Little Boys Room on Not On The Highstreet have this adorable dog biscuit advent calendar.

I think we’ve covered most things there, other than the traditional chocolate advent calendar, of course. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on some of these crazy advent calendar ideas, so do let me know in the comments!



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