My Definitive Ranking Of Disney World Parks

This time two years ago I was in Florida, soaking up all the Christmas festivity in Disney World. It’s safe to say that I’m feeling pretty nostalgic for that right now, so I decided to revisit my memories of the parks and put together my definitive ranking!

Magic Kingdom

Coming in at number one we have the Magic Kingdom, because it’s an absolute classic and in my opinion the most magical of all the parks. Which is probably why it’s called the Magic Kingdom. I personally think that this park has the best rides, character meets, parades, and overall atmosphere. If you can only manage one park during your visit – this is the one to go to!


Did you know that Epcot stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”? It’s definitely my second favourite park, and I love that it has more of a chilled vibe than the rest. Where else can you eat pizza in Italy and go for dessert in France?!

Typhoon Lagoon

This was the only Disney water park we visited – as it was winter Blizzard Beach was closed for maintenance. I could spend every day there, though. All I ever need to be happy is a lazy river and ice cream.

Hollywood Studios

If you’re a fan of Toy Story or Star Wars, you’ll definitely enjoy Hollywood Studios more than I did. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day out but there wasn’t too much that really excited me in the way other parks did.

Animal Kingdom

As a park, Animal Kingdom has to be my least favourite. However I do love their rapids rides, and they have some really good character meets too. Safaris definitely aren’t my speed, and the design of the park is a bit too rustic for my idea of “Disney magic”.

If you fancy reliving my 2018 Disney experience with me, head over to my Youtube channel where I vlogged the whole thing!



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