My Definitive Ranking Of Harry Potter Movies

I’ve loved seeing the resurgence of Harry Potter hype on TikTok over the past few months. It prompted me to rewatch the entire series of films, which was as much of an emotional rollercoaster as it always is. My list of favourites has changed since I last watched it, so I thought it would be fun to do a blog post ranking all the movies!

Order Of The Phoenix

Coming in at No. 1 we have the Order Of The Phoenix. This has always been a solid favourite of mine because of the Room Of Requirement and Dumbledore’s Army. One of the reasons I love this film so much is the solidarity between all the houses and characters against Umbridge who is essentially a non-fatal enemy, which is a nice refuge in the series as Ron is usually mad at someone and they’re probably about to die. It’s just wholesome.

Half Blood Prince

My second favourite of the films is currently the Half Blood Prince, mainly because for a while we get to see what life is like at Hogwarts when no one is being threatened with imminent death. It’s the one film where we really get to see how the characters behave in more normal environments and I just really love that. Also, the Slug Club is top tier.

Goblet Of Fire

The Goblet Of Fire gets a spot in my top three purely because I’ve had “feet off the table” echoing through my mind for days now. Seriously though, I’m not sure why this is one of my comfort films because the ending makes me cry every time. I love the concept of the Tri Wizard Tournament, and the dancing lesson before the Yule Ball has to be one of my all time favourite scenes. However I deduct points from this film for two reasons: I don’t like that Harry and Ron were fighting, and the director never read the book. Always read the book.

Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Apparently I enjoy having my heart crushed into tiny little pieces. I always end up in tears by the end of this film but you can’t deny that it’s the perfect conclusion to an incredible series.

Deathly Hallows: Part 1

My biggest issue with this film is that Kreacher never got his redemption arc, which I thought was massively important in the book. Again, conflict between Ron and Harry takes some points away from this for me – but without that we wouldn’t have got the wholesome tent scene where Harry dances with Hermione, which is one of my favourites.

Prisoner Of Azkaban

Most people rank this a lot higher, I know, but I’ve never fully connected with the Prisoner Of Azkaban.

Philosopher’s Stone

I feel bad for putting the Philosopher’s Stone so far down my list because it’s so pure and our introduction to the Wizarding World. However it’s just not one I’d choose to watch if I only had a limited amount of time.

Chamber Of Secrets

Giant spiders, giant snakes, and flashbacks? Not so much my thing.

And there you have it – my definitive ranking of the Harry Potter series! Let’s face it, these films are all absolutely brilliant from the characters to the plot, but I will leave you all with my personal favourite line to quote…



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