My Homeschool Top Tips

When I was homeschooled, I tried to find advice online from other people who had been in the same position – but all I could find was advice for parents. So here I am now, writing something that would have helped me a few years ago in the hopes that it can help someone in the future…

Here’s a bit of background: I left mainstream education in Year 9 when I was aged 13 because of both chronic and mental health conditions. After that, I took around half a year to focus on getting my mental health to a better place, before starting with a Maths tutor. I went on to self-study History, Economics, Business Studies, and Sociology which I then took (and aced) GCSEs in.

Stick to a routine!

This is definitely a habit that I’m reliant on, even now. It’s easy to think that you can sleep in until 11am and work tomorrow because you’re on your own schedule, but that never works out particularly well. I advise setting times to wake up, eat, study, and stop studying. Once you train your brain to know what you’re supposed to be doing at certain times, it gets a lot easier.

Have a study area.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a designated room to study, but setting aside even a specific corner of your room to be for “school” would work. This helps you to differentiate your mindset by changing your environment. Some people say they can study laying in bed, but personally I need to change my surrounding environment to ensure that I’m focusing on what I’m learning, rather than thinking about going back to sleep!

Study what you want to.

It is so much easier to learn about things you’re actually interested in! When I took my History GCSE course, I was able to choose the modules that I studied – meaning that I got to study more modern history rather than 18th century kings and queens, which just didn’t interest me. Before you choose your courses, make sure that you research the options you have in terms of the modules within a subject, as different providers will offer a different combination of modules.

Don’t let yourself become isolated.

This is easier said than done, and not directly related to studying, but super important all the same. I often felt extremely isolated when I was homeschooled, and it really bothered me mentally. My best advice if you’re struggling with this is to find an online community that you fit in with. For me that was the Taylor Swift fandom on Instagram, but most fandoms have a sort of community on social media sites and are more than welcoming. Obviously remember the whole “stay safe online” lessons that were drilled into you as a kid, but the internet can be a truly wonderful place and I’ve made some of my very best friends on here.

I hope that these tips have helped you if you are struggling with homeschool; it can be a tough road but you’re more than capable of walking down it with your head held high. If you have any more specific questions or issues that you’re dealing with in relation to homeschool, please feel free to send me a message on Instagram and I can try and help!



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