Where I Buy My Princess Dresses

I like to think that if I’m remembered for one thing, it would either be my ridiculously over the top wardrobe or my love for Taylor Swift. I’m very lucky to have been brought up with many beautiful items of clothing, but always told to save them for “best”. As I grew up, I started to realise that when you save clothes for “best” you only really wear them once a year or so – which is not only a waste but it’s sad!

Then I discovered the Everyday Princess side of Instagram, where bloggers dress up in crazy ballgowns and do photoshoots in the middle of London, and decided that “These are my people!”. Since then I’ve been growing my crazy, extra, princess themed wardrobe to what it is now.


This may just be my all time favourite place to get princess dresses, because everything is just so beautiful and well made. I was really sad when they went into administration and all the stores closed down, but luckily we can still shop online with them! Here are some of my favourite dresses I own from Coast…

Ted Baker

Definitely on the pricey side so I always buy from the outlet store, but Ted Baker do some truly beautiful pieces. My personal favourite buy being this strapless red and white gown that makes me feel like the Princess Of Candy Cane Lane…


I love Shein because their pieces are super affordable at the same time as being really pretty. The quality isn’t quite as good as you’d get with the other two shops listed, but that’s to be expected as it’s reflected in a lower price. Here is my absolute favourite dresses that I’ve bought from Shein…


I have to delete the Depop app every few months because if I didn’t I would end up buying literally everything I liked. I’ve got some of my all time favourite dresses from Depop, and it’s great because they’re pre-loved and that’s reflected in the price tag! 10/10 absolutely love.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and found some shops to look around, but please don’t hold me responsible for any crazy impulse buys you decide to make! Kidding, I live purely to be a bad influence when it comes to shopping.



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