Best Disney World Photo Spots

Honestly, having holidays cancelled is a top tier bummer – and something most of us have had to put up with the Coronavirus this year. Yet at the same time it’s good to have some extra planning time to make sure that when we are finally able to travel, we all have great times.

I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to when I visited Disney World in December 2018. Before I went, I did a heck of a lot of research to find the best photo opportunities and managed to shoot most of them within the two weeks I was there. This blog post is going to be a round up of all the best ones, to help make your Disney planning journey a little easier!

Cinderella Castle

The most obvious photo spot, but an absolute classic.

Cinderella’s Wishing Well

Situated between Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (52) and Sir Mickey’s (44) up a path that leads behind the castle, this spot is usually relatively quiet and has some truly adorable details. See how many Cinderella characters you can spot carved into the fountain!

Bubblegum Wall

Maybe one of the most famous Disney Walls, you can find the Bubblegum Wall in Epcot right next to the Spaceship Earth entrance.

Candy Stripe Wall/Main Street Confectionary

This has to be my favourite wall, purely because it’s in the Confectionary shop which means it’s time for a Mickey cake pop!!

Rose Gold Wall

Took us a while to find this one – situated just outside of Mission: Space in Epcot, the Rose Gold Wall is super pretty.

Tangled Wall

Who decided to locate this stunning wall inside of a bathroom? I don’t know, but that’s where it is.

Purple Wall

You can find the Purple Wall near to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor! It’s a pretty large expanse of wall too, so there should be plenty of space for all the Instagrammers to get their shots.

Moon Landing Wall

I thought this was the cutest wall, even though it’s technically a 3D moon outside of Mission: Space in Epcot. Can we make planet walls a thing?!

Popsicle Stick Wall

Trickier to find that the rest, the Popsicle Stick wall is part of the exit of the Toy Story Mania ride in Hollywood Studios. If you don’t want to go on the ride (like me) then you can just head up through the exit passage, round the corner from the ride entrance.

Blueberry Wall

If you’ve already found the Bubblegum Wall, then you will have seen this one – as it’s literally right in front of it!

Toothpaste Wall

This was definitely the most difficult spot to find, after wandering around for ages and asking two cast members who had never heard of the Toothpaste Wall, we eventually found that it is located just outside the Coral Reef Restaurant (which is number 17 on the map of Epcot).

Top tip – Aim to shoot this wall when the weather is fine, as when it rains the wall is the parking area for pushchairs and scooters.

Epcot Ball/Leave A Legacy

It’s not easy to get an empty photo of the Epcot Ball, but your best shot is to head into the Leave A Legacy area and have your photographer sit on the floor to get an upward shot. Then buy them a cookie. The last part is optional, but advised if you want to avoid a cranky photographer.

Main Street Balloons

I know you feel ridiculously self conscious asking the person selling balloons if you can pretend to hold the string for a photo – but I guarantee you won’t be the first person to ask them!! And the final shots are worth it!! The guy selling these balloons was super nice and even kept trying to photo bomb.

Mad Tea Party

Giant teacups. Need I say more?

Gaston’s Fountain

Remember to take a book if you want to shoot here, cause I look pretty dumb pretending to read on my phone. Regrets.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Last but not least, my favourite ride at Disney World… the Carrousel. I love all the details on the horses and it’s just magical.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for photos to take the next time that you visit Disney World, it’s certainly made me miss Florida and the magic there! Let me know if you have any other favourite photo spots in the parks!



2 thoughts on “Best Disney World Photo Spots

  1. Oh nice! I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of this list when I next go to Disney! I wouldn’t have thought about half of these spots.

    One of my favourite photo spots was to sit in Minnie’s chair in her house in toontown, I was really upset when they got rid of it a couple of years ago.


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