Album Review: Kelsea by Kelsea Ballerini

I’ve been a fan of Kelsea since Taylor Swift brought her out on the 1989 Tour to sing Love Me Like You Mean It, and really Kelsea was the first country artist that I properly listened to and made me start to fall in love with the genre. So I’ve been counting down to this album release for so long, especially since she started posting teasers of The Way I Used To on her Instagram story.


Overshare – Oh my god. What an album opener. Every single line of this song speaks to me. “Truth is conversations make me anxious // Even if we’re on a first name basis” could literally be about my life, and honestly 90% of this song IS ME.

Club – When this first came out I was kinda “eh” about it, but as I’ve listened again and again I’ve realised how good it is. Introvert anthem. Give me pyjamas and chocolate biscuits over clubbing every time.

Homecoming Queen? – I truly can’t put my love for this song into words.

The Other Girl (With Halsey) – This concept!! These lyrics!! This!! Whole!! Thing!! “Who’s the first? Who’s the fool”, “Can’t love with this on her conscience”, “Who’s gonna put on the red dress, scarlet letter on her chest”.

Love Me Like A Girl – And again I say: This concept!! I’m absolutely in love with this. “When you want to kiss it better, listen instead”.

Love And Hate – The simple production on this along with those vocals might make this the best song on the album? Her voice when she sings “We used to be so happy you and me” just makes me want to sob forever.

Bragger – What a bop. When the chorus hits, oh my god. “If he were a house he’d be the end of the block” is such a weird lyric but it fits so well. Obsessed.

Hole In The Bottle“She has abused her system and is paying for it”. I love this. It makes me want to learn how to line dance. Hoedown throwdown, y’all.

Half Of My Hometown (ft Kenny Chesney) – This kind of gives me High School vibes. Really pretty and nostalgic. But then the bridge hits and I’m emotionally ruined.

The other half
Of my hometown was in the crowd
They knew the words
They sang them loud
And all I wanna do is make them proud
Cause half of me will always be
Knoxville, Tennessee

The Way I Used To – I’ve been waiting for this so impatiently and it did not disappoint. Lyrics? Great. Production? A certified bop. Although if an acoustic version is dropped in the future I would not complain.

Needy – Kelsea and Julia Michaels writing together? Thank you god for this gift. I’m so in love with everything about this song.

A Country Song – Probably my least favourite song on the album, it’s not bad by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t quite vibe with it the same as the other tracks.

LA – Perfect album closer. I thought this was a weird choice as a single, but the more I heard it the more I became obsessed with it. It’s so beautiful both lyrically and melodically and I adore the way that the love and hate relationship with LA is almost a metaphor for an extrovert vs introvert struggle.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Kelsea is available on iTunes as well as streaming services. And if you want the physical copy (cause the cover is so damn pretty) then you can purchase it here!


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