My Disney Scrapbook

I’ve been surrounded by papercrafts for as long as I can remember, but scrapbooking is the first one that I’ve really got my teeth into. And funnily enough, it was kind of an accident.

After visiting Disney World in late 2018, my mum said that we should make a scrapbook of the trip. I thought it was a cool idea because she’s super talented at that type of thing and I thought that “we” really meant “she”. It didn’t.

My mum kept mentioning it. I kept putting it off because honestly I didn’t think I would be any good at it.

“Should we do some of the scrapbook?”

“No, I don’t really feel like it today,”

But eventually on a rainy afternoon this January when I had nothing else to do, I gave in and we started the Candy Stripe page. Since then, no word of a lie, I have been working on one scrapbook or another almost every day. And I love it.

I wanted to share some pages from our Disney Scrapbook that I’m super proud of – although it’s nowhere near finished (we’ve got a list of over 50 pages to do…).

I’ve finally found a craft where my inner perfectionist doesn’t have an ugly breakdown every time I stick something in the wrong place, because it’s so easy to cover up mistakes (or maybe I’ve just learnt to control my temper a little better…!)

If you’d like to follow along and see all the new pages, we upload them all to this Pinterest board and I often share the “work-in-progress” on my Instagram stories. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pages, and let me know what your favourite craft supplies are!!



One thought on “My Disney Scrapbook

  1. Lovely post! Ah your scrapbook looks so pretty! I used to have a scrapbook for holidays when I was little. My friend got me a scrapbook kit a couple of years ago and I really want to go find it now and get scrapbooking! 💛

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