Haute Dolci Leeds

Well well, it turns out that Leeds has an Instagram cafe aspiring to the level of extra which is rarely seen outside of London and the likes of the Elan Cafe. After discovering Haute Dolci via the ‘gram a couple of weeks ago, I have been dying to fit a visit into the schedule. The chain have eight restaurants across the UK all decorated totally different, and I was super hyped to find out that the one in Leeds is the one with a flower theme.


I’ll be honest with you, the main reason I wanted to visit was to get photographs. Eating was an afterthought, although admittedly the menu did look good. However after trying the One Last Time… I Promise American Waffles and the Maiden Voyage Pancakes, I cannot stop thinking about the food.

First things first, though. When we arrived I asked if we could have a table by the flower wall seen as we were the only people in the entire place, and hello it’s a freaking flower wall. Unfortunately we were told that area is reserved for “key holders”, which I think is part of their loyalty scheme, but honestly I’m not sure. I was kinda bummed (read: truly heartbroken) because I’d had my heart set on a whimsical-flower-tea-party-vibe photoshoot, but you’ve got to make the best of the situation and we still got plenty of good shots.

The menus were pink and full of the most amazing sounding sweets. My mum and I decided to get a waffle dish and a pancake dish, and both have half of each. You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes. The One Last Time… I Promise American Waffles were described as “A perfectly airy waffle, served with Dolci milk choc and milk choc curls with stracciatella gelato,” and the Maiden Voyage Pancakes were described as “Golden pancakes with rich Dolci milk choc sauce and milk choc curls, topped with chocolate gelato.”


I swear, I have never tasted a thing like those pancakes. At the time I think I described them as a “golden buttery delight,” but no words can really do them justice. I would be quite happy to live the rest of my life on a plate of those pancakes just drowning in their warm chocolatey goodness.


After getting through half the stack, I reluctantly swapped the remaining pancakes for the waffle. The waffle was good. Really good. Maybe not quite as mind blowing as the pancakes, but it was a perfect waffle. My knife went through it like butter (unlike when we make them at home and they get all crispy) and it was like a warm hug. I love food.


Despite the slight disappointment with the flower wall situation and the cappuccino only reaching a 4/10 on my mother’s infamous coffee scale, I would still say that this was one of the most amazing cafe-slash-restaurants that I have ever been to and you definitely won’t be able to keep me away for long!

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