19 Things I’ve Learned In 19 Years

Hey guys!

It’s my birthday, and this year I’m turning the grand age of 19 and starting to feel a bit like Joey from Friends  (“Why, God, why? We had a deal. Let the others grow old. Not me.”)

To celebrate, I wanted to put together a list of 19 Things I’ve Learned In 19 Years to share my wisdom (or otherwise…) with all of you. Let’s start at the very beginning!

  1. Early childhood videos are priceless.
  2. Netflix is a gift from the gods.
  3. If you save your “best” clothes for “best” occasions, you never wear them.
  4. I would make a very good elf.
  5. BodyCombat classes are hard. Really hard.
  6. It’s legitimately impossible to find a true red or black food colouring for fondant.
  7. There’s no shame in pyjama days.
  8. iPhones are indestructible. I’ve dropped mine so many times it should be in a hundred pieces by now.
  9. People don’t tell the people they love that they love them often enough.
  10. Good quality hairbrushes make life worth living.
  11. There is absolutely no shame in taking medication for mental illnesses.
  12. You always gain something from a bad situation – whether it’s strength, experience, or self awareness.
  13. It is more satisfying to create a bucket list at the start of the year than make New Years resolutions.
  14. Sunshine can change your mindset entirely.
  15. Pancakes with chocolate are better than pancakes with berries.
  16. Acting your age is waaayyyyy overrated.
  17. If you’re building a structure out of gingerbread, always use royal icing as the glue.
  18. Rejection hurts, but it won’t kill you.
  19. Novelty mugs make bad days better.

My plan for the day is to be around my favourite people and, of course, eat an excessive amount of cake. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and happy my-birthday to you!



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