Disney’s Memory Maker: Is It Worth It?

If it had been completely down to me, I’ll admit that I most likely wouldn’t have chosen to purchase Memory Maker for our Walt Disney World Florida holiday. It seemed like a costly extra on top of your tickets, just to get some more photos which probably wouldn’t be as good as the ones you would’ve taken. However as we booked the whole holiday as a package with Virgin Holidays, Memory Maker was included. If you’re on the fence about purchasing Memory Maker on top of your park tickets, here are just a few reasons why you definitely should!


Your interactions are captured.

This might seem basic, but the Disney photographers are skilled at capturing the moments in your conversations with the characters that you’ll want to remember forever. Depending on who you’re travelling with, they’re probably going to be enjoying seeing you with your favourite characters (as they should!) and often won’t think to get their camera out until the typical ‘designated photo opportunity’ at the end of the meet.


There’s less pressure on you (& your companion).

Knowing that someone else who takes photos all day every day is there to take pictures of you, can really help to calm the worries about getting the perfect shot and let you enjoy the moment. I found that the Disney Photographers typically take 5-6 pictures of you with each character, and at least 2 were exactly what I was hoping to get. It’s like they could read my mind. The responsibility won’t be on the unfortunate person you’re travelling with!!


It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need to worry about SD cards.

We all know that feeling before we go on holiday… Are the SD cards empty? Are we taking enough? What if we run out of storage? With Memory Maker you don’t have that constant stress, and you don’t have to download your photos until you’re home! Just meet the character, tap your MagicBand, and you’re done. Stress free!


There’s more to choose from.

Anyone who’s ever helped me shoot knows that I’m not happy unless I legitimately have over a hundred to choose from, and having the Memory Maker photographer as well as my family taking pictures of me just gave me even more choice!


Looking back at all of our photos on the My Disney Experience app just makes me feel all warm and glowy (not a word, but neither is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”), and I’m really glad that by whatever twist of fate we got Memory Maker. I’d recommend it to anyone else who plans to visit Walt Disney World, especially if your travel companions aren’t so handy with a camera…!

Have a magical day!

Amie x

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