Pumpkin Picking

I’ve been following bloggers on Instagram for years now, and every year you’re guaranteed to see two things. Lavender fields and pumpkin patches. So this year I decided that to get my title as a full-fledged blogger, I was going to visit both of these. At the end of summer, I dragged my mum an hour away to visit some lavender fields, but it was at the end of summer. Failing on the research front, when we arrived the majority of the lavender was dead. Not my best idea. I’m pleased to report, however, that the pumpkin expedition was far more successful (and featured better coffee, which is obviously a bonus).


After a short road trip we arrived at Farmer Copleys in Pontefract, which is home to the UK’s biggest pumpkin festival. By going during the week, we avoided the inevitable crowds of the festival which made for much better photographs.


We were lucky enough to visit on a perfect autumn day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was chilly but not cold. I promise you that this is rare in England!!


After walking through multiple fields of pumpkins, we came across the “fancy pumpkin” field. Don’t quote me on the variety, but they might have been “Baby Boos”, “Gooligans”, or “Full Moons”. The point is, they were white pumpkins. I know these are pretty common in the US but I got very excited about them. It was like the perfect combination of autumn and winter. A pumpkin that had been snowed on.


Even though we’d already bought a pumpkin, we decided that a farm pumpkin would be superior to a supermarket pumpkin. We now have two pumpkins. It was a lot heavier than I expected a pumpkin to be, and I was a little worried that it might splat onto the floor.


I think that pumpkin picking is going to become an annual tradition for me after this experience. Dancing through a field of vegetables is actually a lot of fun, especially when you can get great sausage sandwiches and a latte afterwards.


If you’re feeling inspired to go pumpkin picking now, I highly recommend you do. Just be careful not to step on any of the little guys. Pumpkins have feelings too!!


Enjoy your day!


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