Where To Instagram: Ilkley Town Centre

When I say “Ilkley”, your mind might go straight to the popular folk song “On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘At”. I hope it doesn’t, but it’s most likely inevitable. However it’s time for you to push past the mental image of flat caps and sheep dogs, because Ilkley is a town in West Yorkshire with many hidden gems for your Instagram feed. On the border of both Leeds and Bradford, this spa town houses a wide variety of upmarket shops with gorgeous displays for you to stand in front of and look pretty.


Bettys Tea Room

32 The Grove, Ilkley, LS29 9EE




There is a park directly opposite, and if it is a sunny day then you may well have an audience, so if you’re self conscious then you probably shouldn’t start at this one. I would also advise you to go midweek or very early morning on a weekend, as the town can become very busy and you’ll have people stepping into your frame all over the place.

Small Flower Gardens

Near 35 The Grove, Ilkley LS29 9NJ

Between Oaks and Martinez Wines, there is a small green area that really doesn’t look like anything at all. If you go behind it, however, there is a narrow path and a garden arch surrounded by plants. The background will be primarily one colour, so this location is pretty dependant on your theme, and photos from it should be spread over your feed with plenty of distance between them. If you go for close up shots then you may be able to avoid that problem.


Love Brownies Bakery

21B Brook St, Ilkley, LS29 8AA

Not only does Love Brownies sell the greatest brownies that you will ever taste, but they also have an insanely cute shop. I’d even go as far as to proclaim it the cutest shop in Ilkley. Each brownie comes in it’s own aesthetically pleasing ‘brownie case’, which has got to be one of my favourite touches. The shop is pretty small and there’s only really space for three or four people to eat in, as they just have one breakfast bar style table, so if you go when it’s busy you may have to wait your turn. It’s worth waiting for, trust me. The wall has a gorgeous “start earning brownie points” decal, and there is even a water dispenser with mint. The shop also usually has very good lighting, so less editing for you to do at home.


Bandstand Area

Opposite 32 The Grove, Ilkley, LS29 9EE

Bandstand areas are all well and good, until the day that you want to have a photoshoot in there and a band is actually playing. Luckily, there’s also a park in which the bandstand is situated which can also be photogenic. With a little creativity, you could turn bandstand pictures into something magical, but it might not be straightforward and will very probably involve needing a fancy dress. I believe in you guys though. Anyway, if you don’t feel like shooting and editing the bandstand, you could go into the field behind it and take some pictures with the trees. In the springtime they are covered in blossom and surrounded by flowers. I wouldn’t advise going in winter unless it was snowing, but if that fits your aesthetic then it’s a prime place to get autumn vibes.


Thank you all for reading my first post, I really hope that this blog will help to inspire you to go out and take photos. If you want to see these locations in action then head over to my Instagram here. Love to you all, Amie.

One thought on “Where To Instagram: Ilkley Town Centre

  1. Amie, I love the idea, wording and style of this blog. I love how you broke up the paragraphs with photos that you took. I love your writing and your eye for photography 🙂


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